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CorAgent Legal

UNSECURED CASH LOANS $10,000 - $400,000

 Use for Anything At All!

* Real Estate - down payment, purchasing low-value properties, rehab/repairs, materials, labor

* Equipment, supplies, inventory

No collateral!

No appraisals or inspections

No upfront fees 

Loan amounts up to 2X annual income  (A high credit borrower who earns 150k can borrow up to 300k quickly!)

Funds 5-7 days from approval

Min. credit score of 650 (all 3 bureaus) for W-2 earners, 1099 employees and 1099R retirees

Min. credit score of 680 (all 3 bureaus) for LLC and Corporation income earners

Min. credit score of 700 (all 3 bureaus) for a Credit Line (cash loan required first)

Military disability can be considered as income

3-5 yr. payback term

Interest rates start at 6% and can go up to 15%

One-time underwriting, origination and success fee of 15%, payable after closing from loan funds.

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